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Carpet Cleaning in Surrey


Carpets are a major part of most households.  Some of these carpets will cost thousands of pounds, while some will cost a few hundred.  There is one thing that both these carpets will need at some point and that is cleaned!


The reason your carpets need cleaned will vary depending on your circumstances.  If you've got young kids it's a certainty that food and things will regularly get spilt.  If it's not kids spilling food it's probably a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  If these are not dealt with properly then they could stain and ruin the look of your carpet.  This is when you should hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.  Surrey has loads to choose from.  Make sure you hire somebody who is experienced, insured and has the knowledge required.


A professional surrey carpet cleaner will start the cleaning process by identifying which type of carpet you have.  This will determine the way in which they clean it.  The approach will be different if it's a wool carpet compared to a synthetic one.  These days it is often very difficult to tell the difference as synthetic carpets have improved greatly over the years.  This is a very important part of the whole process.


The next part is to vacuum the carpet.  A powerful machine is important to remove all the dry soils which sit in your carpets.  A major problem in houses is vacuums that are either under powered or blocked.  This means that too much dry soil sits with the carpet fibres. 


The next part of the process is the pre-spray stage.  A cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet.  This is left for a period to help breakdown dirt and stains.   If required a brush or machine is used to get the solution into the pile of the carpet.  Using the correct spray and stain removers, where necessary, is part of the carpet cleaning process that is vital.


The most important part of the cleaning in most peoples eyes is the steam cleaning part.  This is where the large machine with the hoses and wand is used to extract all the dirt from your carpet.  It sprays either water or a cleaning solution deep into the carpet.  This is then extracted by the machines powerful vacuums.   This should remove all the nasty allergens and dirt from your carpets.  It should leave them fresh and, where possible, looking like new!







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